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posted by DL Byron on October 10, 2006

The IT@Intel blog went live today. Much collaboration, design, code, meetings (lots of meetings) and thought went into the launch. Textura Design is very proud of the work, especially Scott and Mathew’s design/code, Tim Appnel’s programming, and Six Apart’s Movable Type Enterprise.

I’ll talk more about corporate blogging at upcoming events, including the Blog Business Summit, Six Apart’s seminars, Web Builder 2.0 and Web Design World Boston.

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Oct 10  |  Bryan Rhoads said:

Its a beautiful blog… a pilot for Intel, but we need to get crankin on our other flavors.

Byron, Scott, Tim and Matt all rock the blogosphere.

We’re really, really pleased with the results. - bgr

Oct 10  |  -b- said:

Right on.

Oct 11  |  Nathan said:

I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by the look and feel and the functionality. If you guys did it, my hat off to you!

Oct 11  |  -b- said:

Thanks Nathan! We’re very pleased as well. We did it with direction from Bryan.

Oct 11  |  Annie said:

Byron - I truly think that you and Bryan pulled something bigger off that you give yourselves credit for. Great Great job. Keep crankin…

Oct 19  |  Robyn Tippins said:

Beautiful design. The titles break down nicely and I love the way the more tag takes you to where you were reading before you clicked more.

great job.

Oct 27  |  Dl Byron said:

Thanks Robyn. Great to know people noticed on the subtleties.

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