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When old media rules apply

posted by DL Byron on October 16, 2006

Regarding Walmart’s fake travel blog (BusinessWeek backgrounder here), if that had been any other company than apparently themselves, it’d be front page blog news on Rubel’s micro-persuasion; instead, we get some feedreader story.

I think in the blogosphere and Web 2.0, we can still say some old media rules apply about not quickly addressing controversy regarding yourself or a “calling the kettle black” sort o’ thing. See Wagstaff’s thoughts on “real conversations” and CNN’s Reliable Sources covered this story on Sunday (search the transcript for Wal-Mart). Debbie Weil has also posted on about fake blogs and the lack of response from Rubel.

We’ve built some of the most corporate blogs and what I’ve always told our clients and what they’ve never done is try to trick their audiences, be sneaky, or do anything that’s PR. This latest example from Wal-Mart/Edelman, and the silence on it from Rubel, is another example of why you can’t “craft” a story in the blogosphere.


Rubel responds.

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