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Your Beta is boring

posted by DL Byron on October 04, 2006

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the hard work, the promise of code, new ideas, or bloggy concepts, but man do I ever grow weary of betas. Beta this, beta that, delayed or not. It’s like as busy as everyone is, just tell me when it’s done, release it as a preview or whatever you want to call it. Beta as a term has lost any real meaning other than “work in progress, when we get to it, please indulge us, and give us your time.”

c3po At least with Vox, they’re calling it a preview and I like checking it out cause it’s changing all the time — the preview is a constant iteration. For example, today, my login screens shows a Warhol like stack o’ C-3P0s.

And with Newsvine it was cool, cause you got to actually work on a mostly done product before anyone else. Like you were in a club with Mike D, not just featuring requesting and hoping your little peeve makes it into the build.

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