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Alpaca Sales

posted by DL Byron on November 30, 2006

Alpaca Sales (submitted by a reader) — that’s my arborist career change fall back plan. Bonus is the kid in the hippie doo rag (shown on the Alpaca sales site).

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Nov 30  |  Doug said:

We see these ranches all over north Idaho when we go in the summer. I’m telling you, these ranches are all over the place and more are showing up every year. Now is the time to get in!

Nov 30  |  -b- said:

Totally, it’s an Alpaca buyers market.

Dec 01  |  benish said:

Maybe you can saddle up an alpaca and ride it to your arborist jobs?

That can be your hook: “we ride alpacas”.

Dec 01  |  DL Byron said:

I think in our pitch that could be, “relieve your CO2 guilt with alpaca arborists” No CO2 was burned in our work; though, that’d mean we’d have to cut those limbs without a chain saw.

Dec 01  |  benish said:

or a solar powered chain saw.

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