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Zune parties like it's 1999

posted by DL Byron on November 20, 2006

Besides all the it’s brown jokes, a friend said to me yesterday, “hey on that Zune song sharing thing … I remember my Handspring exchanged business cards electronically and I did that like once at a party in 1999.” I did it once as well at a crazy Zaaz dotcom party with kegs of beer, wigs, and a discussion of who had the most ridiculous business plans. I don’t remember whose card it was, but Zaaz’s office was really nice.

Earlier in the week, I was at SFO airport and met some old Microsoft colleagues in the security line. We all noted the browness of Zune (of course) and I said, “this song sharing thing, is there a market for that. I mean, I get marketing 101 is differentiation, but are people clamoring for that feature, did Microsoft test that?” The reply was the kids that would want it, can’t afford the player, they all steal music anyway and it’s a 2-yr old Toshiba Gigabit. Not even a new Gigabit, which has been rated excellent by cnet. Just like the Zune on CNN video says, “Why don’t they get some decent design people to make things look at all?

I don’t know either.

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