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Astra Zeneca Knows how to party

posted by DL Byron on December 13, 2006

I noticed and all the other speakers noticed how many women were at the other conference in the hotel, here in Boston for Web Design World — like 3 to 1 women, all professional, attractive, and with a confidence, a determinedness about them. They also party. Were they here for a Tony Robbins seminar are something?

After some investigation during an elevator ride, I learned it’s an Astra Zeneca sales meeting. Sales must be good.

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Dec 16  |  Isaac Szymanczyk said:

Hey Byron — I know those ladies! I have a friend who is one of those tall, attractive, professionals employed by Astra-Zeneca. I understand lavish bashes are part of the job for them — all over the world, in exotic locales. Last year, she went to one A-Z sales “meeting” where the post-dinner band was Barenaked Ladies — and the guys from the band cracked jokes between songs about their Viagra and Nexium habits all night.

Dec 16  |  DL Byron said:

Totally and I think I remember a NYTimes article a while back on that, selling drugs with the hotties.

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