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In Boston, Drinking Sam Adams

posted by DL Byron on December 11, 2006

The Sheraton Boston lounge has Sam Adams on tap — good. Tomorrow morning I’ll know if Boston also has good coffee (Vegas does not). The hotel is jumping and I think Web Design World is sold out.

One of the companies I’ll mention tomorrow in my talk about business blogging is Newsvine, a Seattle startup led by Mike Davidson, who is in the news today for a technology share with the NYTimes. Just about this time last year, we were finishing up Publish and Prosper, including a section on Newsvine and how they blogged their product.

Here’s a toast — a Sam Adams for you — Mike.

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Dec 12  |  Dale Cruse said:

Peet’s Coffee is my fave in Boston. There are several shops in the area. Terrific mail-order service as well.

Dec 12  |  DL Byron said:

Thanks Dale. Peets is a great suggestion — they do have a Starbucks here, so that’s ok, not great, but ok.

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