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Storm Posts and a Wet, Windy Fog

posted by DL Byron on December 16, 2006

For ongoing coverage of the storm, see the PI’s storm blog. Having grown up in the Tri-Cities where the wind always blows, and several big tree-downing storms I can remember, I’ve never experienced any storm that massive. The sense of foreboding occured around 3:00 pm when I was in pitch blackness and a “wet, windy, fog.” It was mist thrown up from the Sound, swirled around, and pounded back down.

When I went out to check the roof and structure, the best way I can describe what I saw in my backyard was a wall of water — the yard was a bog and we did have water come into the basement.

Pam sometimes makes fun of me for being such a boy scout, but not after we wound up our emergency radio, turned on the flashlights, had the rations at the ready. We would not have left for Maui without reassurances from our friends Ken and Lindsey that they’d check the house. Marcus was also right there for us.

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