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Ballsy Blogging

posted by DL Byron on January 12, 2007

As Jay Allen said to me in an instant message this morning, that’s seriously ballsy when you sue Apple over the iPhone, post about it AND leave comments on!

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Jan 12  |  Guy Pelletier said:

Ballsy yes, but effective. How can you beat a company that communicates with anybody.


Jan 12  |  -b- said:

Agreed and something must’ve gone on, like ridiculous demands on either side, for this public blow up.

Jan 13  |  Marcus said:

How is it ballsy? I think it’s proper. They OWN the rights after all. Standing up for what is yours isnt ballsy, releasing a product under a name you know you don’t own the rights to is ballsy, and stupid. If I was an Apple stockholder Jobs would have some explaining to do.

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