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iPhone and Cingular's Brand

posted by DL Byron on January 13, 2007

Interesting subtext to all the news on the iPhone is that AT&T is rebranding Cingular. 3 years ago, Cingular was AT&T Wireless, and now back to just AT&T. Considering the brand work they’ve got to do, does anyone besides investors know what AT&T does now?

In recent history, they were the last of the Ma Bells, had a famously well-done mark designed by Saul Bass, changed that for a while to the mark that resembled a condom package when they were a network company, then the Death Star mark, and now back to wireless. Maybe they’ll get back into the cable business as well and connect to Apple’s iTV?

At least, we’ll have one less doctom jumping man logo in the marketing world.

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