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January Birthdays including me

posted by DL Byron on January 12, 2007

This month, tomorrow to be exact, I turn 40. Joining me with birthdays, and being over 40, are Zeldman and Molly. Both have kindly assured me it’s sexy being 40 (yet to be proven for me at least, Molly absolutely sexy!). Both of them have also been very influential in my work and success. More importantly this year, besides that big age milestone, is Textura Design turns ten years old and I’ve got more posting on that topic to do.

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Jan 12  |  Molly E. Holzschlag said:

Byron, you are SEXY. Don’t forget it. Welcome to the land of 40.

Jan 12  |  -b- said:

Land of 40, the big 4 0!

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