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Phone Home with your iPod

posted by DL Byron on January 11, 2007

Considering all the the buzz and blog posts leading up to Apple’s iPhone announcement, the instant message conversations I was having discussed the lack of excitement about another mp3 phone. The larger problem to solve is taking your “home” folder with you and that’s what Apple has done. Just like iPod + iTunes solves the problem of managing music, the iPhone is designed to solve the problem of staying in sync. Fantastic. I posted about how I can’t wait to ride with an iPhone on Bike Hugger.

On spec alone, it looks like the iPhone is actually a smart phone (a laughable marketing term describing a windows OS-based phone, which is anything but smart). Reporting from Macworld, Glenn Fleishman has written a thorough first review of the iPhone, including an update that the iPhone won’t ship with an SDK and you can’t read docs on it.

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