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Washington CEO Magazine on blogging

posted by DL Byron on January 29, 2007

While unfamiliar with the “high-tech seeding” term, thinking that’s a topic found in an Isaac Asimov novel about colonizing Mars, Marketing to the Masses from Washington CEO uses that angle to report on how Boeing, Smartsheet and other Washington State businesses are using social networking (blogs) to talk with their customers.

I’m quoted and it’s a good article, but they cut my response to the question that Boeing’s blog is boring. Being yourself and blogging what you know is not boring. That’s just who you are as a business and it’s also best to blog your own way.

As my blogging colleague Anil Dash often says, for business blogs, boring is good. Boring is safe. And while some may not care about 45nm fabrication or bigger windows in the Dreamliner, to others that’s damn cool.

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