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Crossing Paths at Bizjam

posted by DL Byron on June 10, 2007

bizjam-badge.jpg Pictured below is an interesting Pathable tag cloud in the background while a Bizjam participant is interviewed, sharing her intersecting BizJam badge with the interviewer.

Whereas most attendees used Pathable, an innovative cross-organizational collaboration tool, and their badges showed their interests and affiliations, my badge was blank, a tabula rasa.

I showed up at BizJam to be in the moment (wrote my preso in like 14 minutes), of the moment, and I also missed the email about Pathable!

Check Pathable and Waggle Labs on their blog.


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Jun 10  |  Michael Max said:

Those Pathable name tags were interesting. I actually already knew and was friendly with all but one of the “most similiar”, and the one I did not know, just happened to sit down next to me at one point.

I also had a chance to meet one of my “opposites.” Some say that opposites attract. I think it is true. But, opposites still share a common universe. The “opposite” that I met, well, it seems we lived in different universes all together. Interesting. And a great way to start a conversation with someone that I might not otherwise meet. Those Pathable folks are onto something!

Jun 10  |  -b- said:

I saw one other person at Bizjam with a blank badge and we both laughed, cause we both apparently missed the email on that! I was going to just sharpie my intersecting paths in, which are: blogging, bikes, boobs, strappy sandals, bikes, david byrne, etc.

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