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iPhone Purchasing Strategies

posted by DL Byron on June 28, 2007

I’ve been waiting for 4 years to get an iPhone; seriously, none of the Smartphones, Treos, or anything else appealed to me, just kept my “pretty good” Sony Ericsson. The iPhone is honestly, not a status symbol to me, but a tool years in the making. That being said, I’ve set aside a day to clean up my computer anticipating the great sync.

There are 3 stores near me and I plan to ride (or drive if it’s raining) by each and if there’s a line keep right on going. Todd Bishop reports no lines at the University Village Apple store, so that’s good for me.

Remarkably, I turned on cable, flipping through the news, and there was Scoble standing at the front of the line at the Palo Alto Apple Store. Interesting, besides seeing Scoble on TV, was that he didn’t get an iPhone to review like say, Pogue and the other tech journalists. I don’t know that any bloggers got the iPhone.

Looks like the traditional PR media machine worked here for Apple amazingly well.

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