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iPhone Homies

posted by DL Byron on August 15, 2007

I dropped my iPhone today and was crestfallen, like someone took my cookies, or stole my dog, or told me my bike sucked — there was a big gouge in the iPhone, side popped open, the iPhone was wounded. After a quick triage, and emotional recovery, I went into Apple Care protocol mode and rode straight to the Apple store like a messenger with an important package.

And what do my iPhone homeboys do? Give me a loaner, while a new one is shipped to me, all at no charge!

That’s customer service, a brand, a loyalty builder, and a great way for Apple to see how the phones are surviving daily usage.

I’m still replaying the sickening moment, when the iPhone hit the concrete, hearing the metallic clink, and seeing the damage. And also just really happy that I’m back reading email on a new iPhone, browsing, and checking my calendar.

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Aug 21  |  Design for MySpace said:

You passed through a real test for iPhone, lucky that it is still intact

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