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iPhone Price Drop

posted by DL Byron on September 06, 2007

Had Apple not replaced a defective phone and replaced the one I’d dropped for free, yep, I’d be pissed about the price drop as well.

The forums are ablaze with the unfairness of it all and the early-adopter tax. If there were such a thing, instead of aggressive pricing in an aggressive industry, the tax I paid was worth the R&D (on an amazing product) and the service I received.

This one time I was very diligent on purchasing a 17-inch Powerbook G4, watching all the sites, timing it to a planned announcement, got and i thought I’d hit it just right. A month or so later, Apple bumped the line on their store with higher resolution and speed. “That’s how it goes,” I thought.

What did concern me was that Steve Jobs said something like, “we were planning a price cut all along,” that I think contributed to the uproar.


Steve wrote an open letter to iPhone customers offering a $100.00 credit.

Thank you.

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