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Blogging CES: Mark V at CES

posted by on January 10, 2008

model%2001.jpg So I’m here at CES like some media ninja, jumping out from the shadows to capture jpeg and video. Except it’s not out of shadows whence I’m jumping but rather the rafters of the Intel booth. Yet no one’s gonna hear me above the 25 second music loop bombarding everyone within 100M of the booth. It’s like some diabolical psy-ops warfare program… but I digress. I was stating that I’m here to gather media.

I get a tip that Microsoft is running some kind of fashion show. I grab some cameras and run over. Contrary to my initial intel from Intel, they are not showing “wear-able technology”. What they have are special edition versions of the newest laptops from names like Haier, HP, and Asus with stylish casings featuring custom finishes, leather, and in one case fur (real? I dunno). Most of the computers were powered by Core 2 Duo processors.

Oh, did I mention the models?

The event was a fashion show because each special edition laptop was carried by either a male or female runway model in an outfit suitably matched to that laptop. My favourite was the HP model with “Verve” graphics….because the model was I think into me…

I stepped up to her like I was some kinda pro fashion photographer, and I was set to throw down. Suddenly I felt very insecure. I’ve got a Canon digital SLR, but it is by no means the professional model. Hell, I just have the stock lens, which is not gonna to impress this chick. I’m gonna need a much bigger lens to impress, but that didn’t stop me from asking her to show me what’s under the laptop cover. Unfortunately she just showed me the keyboard.

I spent the rest of the day looking for product applicable to cycling for Bike Hugger.

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