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IDF 2008: Enter the MIDs

posted by DL Byron on April 02, 2008

As expected, Intel announced “the internet in your pocket” today at IDF 2008 and a bunch of new devices, like the Gigabyte device we saw at SXSW and these from Intel’s campus. NYT covered the announcements, and during the press Q/A today, it was confirmed that the name UMPC is finally dead.

As one of the worst-named product lines ever, that’s good news. More on the MIDs tomorrow and live blogging tonight from Shanghai.


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Apr 02  |  Steve Paine said:

Ouch. That hurts!

However, Intel still recognise the term UMPC and even use it in slides from IDF so what they are probably saying is that they won’t use the UMPC term in their marketing. Which is pretty irrelevant because they don’t market the end devices!

Try search for a ‘MID’ on Google. Its impossible. Really, impossible!

Looking forward to more from IDF. Keep it coming.

Steve ‘Chippy’ (UMPCPortal)

Apr 02  |  DL Byron said:

Agreed on google and I think that until the form factor gets close to the iPhone, there’s not a lot of sizzle. It was cool seeing Ubuntu boot on a device though …

Apr 03  |  Amber said:

I really don’t get the point of the MIDs that Intel is trying to create. What is the need for such a device? Doesn’t a smartphone essentially do the same thing and probably is cheaper. I don’t get the logic with this device…

Apr 06  |  DL Byron said:


Good question and without the iPhone factor, there’s not much sizzle until you think about gamers … bigger screen, Linux OS, and all-in-one. The units we tried were definitely prototypes.

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