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Question Mark Heads

posted by DL Byron on May 03, 2008

From those little badges of courage bloggers put on their blogs (icons for delicious, facebook, mybloglog, digg, furl, larry, moe, and curly) to various widgets, and now Question Mark Heads, there’s a tendency to group think in social media. Has anyone ever actually measured if those social bookmarking icons are ever clicked, like ever? Why would you a user do that? They can just bookmarklet them from a browser or just go to their account and post there.

Point is that an avatar feature was added to a blog engine and most commenters choose to not pick an avatar or couldn’t figure it out. So there’s a good blog post cluttered with hundreds of distracting Question Mark Heads (note that they’re male heads v. unisex heads). An if/when statement, I guess could publish an avatar if there was one …? Or just not have any avatars at all.


Back when we wrote Publish and Propser, the theme was “Practical Business Blogging” and the message was,”blog you’re own way.” Do what’s right for your business, use the technology, and focus on what works v. something that someone else is doing just because. 2 years on and it’s time for Practical Social Media and I’ll talk about that at

and more events to come.

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May 12  |  Bo said:

There is an answer for everything: www.needandmeet.com (no commercial intentions), Bo

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