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Wall of Slides

posted by DL Byron on June 02, 2009

The Wall of Slides is for nonlinear presentations — show ideas on a big wall, pick a slide, and start talking it. It’s like presenting with a lightbox and something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Rarely in a talk do I go from slide-to-slide and usually will converse about a topic with the audience and then go back to another related idea.


Grab, drag, throw, zoom, and click with the slides.

During An Event Apart Seattle, Simple Scott showed me Cooliris and I thought

“I want to present with that!”

You can use the Cooliris client to view a directory of images and videos on your computer (and a lot more), but it’s wrapped in visually-distracing chrome, even at fullscreen. So I decided to use the Embed Wall with a simple html file as a presentation.

The demo above pulls in photos and links from a Flickr photo album and runs with

That makes the presentation interactive and shared online with comments and tags. I can click through to Flickr in the presentation and off to other demos, as needed. It’s running all in a browser.

Preso Process

Create slides in Keynote then

  1. Output sequential PNG files
  2. Upload files to a Flickr photo album
  3. Update Flashvar to album ID


For a localhost version (if there’s no Internet), use Piclens Publisher to generate MediaRSS and the related files from the PNG files.

Web Design World

I’ll try the Wall of Slides at Web Design World Seattle in July. I’m talking about Twitter.


Tried out the Wall of Slides and it worked very well. There were some inexplicable issues with resolutions between the Macbook Air (native 1280 x 800) and the projector (1024 x 768). The Wall of Slides would also get off-center and scrollbars would appear when you added a tab to the browser. Dan Rubin suggested Plainview, a full-screen Webkit browser (chromeless, with optional kiosk mode), as a solution.

Plainview runs as another browser instance and you can tab out of it to demostrate a website, some code, and then tab back in. Plainview makes the Wall of Slides a killer app by solving the chrome problem and resolution issues.

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