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High iAnxiety

posted by DL Byron on October 15, 2011

This window showed up uninvited and sat on my desktop for a day now and I’m concerned about it. Why? Cause they don’t give me a time estimate, what could go wrong, will all my contacts get duped? Is it safe? WTF is it anyway? Will this kill Jeffrey Zeldman’s productivity and generate a thousand negative tweets, maybe a #fuckicloud hashtag?

I had the pleasure of meeting the man that invented Frequent Flier programs earlier this month. He’s a maverick in the Travel Industry and also has an enormous intellect. He made a career out of pushing boundaries. You likely use tech and concepts he developed when you travel.

Our meeting was limited to a Paris hotel lobby chat, but we got to software and social media and he hates both. The latter more. Why is that? Because we’re given to many choices and those choices are stressful. Facebook’s UI is so crazy with choices, I don’t know what to do, besides X the window out.

He believes very strongly in curated experiences that work for you. Why wouldn’t the OS just do this for me? Why must I choose? He said, you go the grocery store and stare at all the cereal boxes, right? Yes I do. I also read the boxes for ingredients and my Twitter feed is full of people I don’t know.

So I guess moving to iCloud is the best thing ever and the techmediameme will insist I do it. I know I need Siri right now, cause before that people hadn’t talked into phones to get stuff done, like order a pizza or call a plumber.

I will eventually address this window, after I write a few more blog posts, and worry about it a bit more. When I do hit click, it’ll be like dropping down a hill on my Cross bike. I’ll hope the “move to iCloud” won’t result in crash.

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