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iPhone Activated (delayed)

posted by DL Byron on June 30, 2007

Well the multi-store vector plan worked and I purchased an 8g iPhone last night. The Zoopa AT&T store had the shortest lines, but ran out when we got in line so we went to the Apple Store. The line was longer, but fun with water, coffee, and camaraderie. Once in the Apple Store, the employees cheered for you (that was a bit embarrassing). I was in line for about 40 minutes while Pam shopped a clearance sale at the Bon.

As with any Mac-related purchase, there’s a ritual to it and I waited until this morning to activate my phone. Like Daring Fireball, I had a few glitches:

  • dash 50 error from the software update — rebuilding the library solved the problem
  • Additional time to complete — for some unknown reason, my iPhone activation requires additional time complete and I’m waiting for an email from AT&T to tell me when. I’m replacing an existing phone (4 yrs old) and account with the iPhone and that’s probably why.
  • the contrast between the AT&T retail experience and the Apple Store is remarkable. Suggest purchasers buy from the Apple Store.


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Jun 30  |  Doug said:

I expect you to host an iPhone unveiling so that we all may touch the glass.

Jun 30  |  -b- said:

I most certainly will, but only after I get the keyboard typing down — it takes a while …

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