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Twittering your Business

posted by DL Byron on July 20, 2009

Below is a Cooliris 3-D Wall of Slides version of my Twittering Your Business presentation @ Web Design World Seattle 09. It pulls photos from a Flickr photoset.

I’ll discuss how Bike Hugger uses Twitter during the presentation and demo the Hub. This presentation will eventually find it’s way into a video for New Riders.


Tried out the Wall of Slides and it worked very well: fluid, nonlinear, and visually impressive. There were inexplicable issues with resolutions between the Macbook Air (native 1280 x 800) and the projector (1024 x 768). The Wall of Slides runs in the browser and when you add a tab the chrome increases, scrollbars appear, and it’s off center. Dan Rubin and I worked together afterwards and came up Plainview, a full-screen Webkit browser (chromeless, with optional kiosk mode), as a solution.

Slides in Plainview

Plainview runs as another browser instance and you can command+tab out of it to demostrate a website, some code, and then command+tab back in. Plainview makes the Wall of Slides a killer app by solving the chrome problem and resolution issues.

Slide in Plainview

Very cool and thanks Dan. Dan and I also agreed on calling this technique a nonlinear presentation. From the Wall, you pick a slide talk it, demo, and then pick another.

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